This post marks our first roundup of websites that have made us stop and stay awhile. Sometimes, it’s a neat little widget that encourages a smile; other times, it’s an entire landing page that makes us writhe in envy. The sites highlighted below have all—in some way—left us inspired and eager to search for more.


We love the big, white spaces and airy feeling we get when scrolling through this site. The large navigation menu is gorgeously spaced out when it is activated. Hats off to the Aerolab team. Visit Site


Big headers have definitely proven themselves as beautiful ways to entice users to look at certain things and click on more things as they browse. Fives is done tastefully, with skillfully desaturated colors to aid your experience. Visit Site


We’re big fans of huge (that took a whole lot of restraint). From the appropriately massive menu to the strikingly flamboyant pink. We love it all. Visit Site


So, this one’s a bit on the flashy end. There’s definitely some magic happening behind the scenes. The simple typography and complex animations create a neat dynamic. One page in specific that we recommend you check out is the (About) page. Visit Site

Letters, INC.

Following the high contrast black on white color schemes is Letters Inc. website, a company also based out of Japan. The think stroke design-style and tastefully done scrolling-activated SVG animations showcase a very clean and elegant portfolio. Be sure to load this sucker up on a mobile device for some accelerometer activated magic. Visit Site


Scott Hansen is a big inspiration here at Isolary. We’re huge fans. Our daily music playlist has more than a few Tycho tracks in it and a few posters hang in the office. The ISO50 blog has a very dark but rich color scheme that we think jibes well with the content. It’s chock full of some great inspiration from around the web. Visit Site


Exposure is a Medium-esqe magazine styled blogging site. The way we structured our blog actually is based on some of the elements we see when looking through the posts on Exposure. Big images flow with the copy very smoothly and allow readers a break every once in a while. Visit Site


VOTD, pronounced “voted,” is a site that features video works from around the Internet. It showcases some of the best recent videos, from big name professionals to talented up-and-comers. The striking blue and white color scheme paired with the delightfully smooth animations makes for a very enjoyable video watching experience. The search page of the site is definitely one to look at. Large search boxes are in and we’re OK with it. Visit Site

Since writing this post, our backlog of awesome sites has increased tremendously. There’s definitely more where this came from. Stay tuned.

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