We are building a new experience for single property listing websites. mylistings is a real estate service that helps agents and brokerages make single property listing websites amazingly quickly and elegantly.

We’ve learned so much about the real estate industry over the years. From wrangling IDX feeds to learning how agents market their listings on a day-to-day basis, we’ve basically done it all.

From the get-go we noticed that single property listing websites are an increasingly popular way to market a home or condo in a way that makes it really stand out against the countless other properties for sale. The potential is huge, especially when compared to the clunky behavior and generic appearance of most MLS-powered software. Single property listing websites free agents from having to fit a property’s unique story into small, clunky boxes. No longer are agents pinned down by low quality images, character limits, and hours of waiting for listings to go live.

The benefits of single property listing websites

Single property listing websites truly allow content to shine in a way that keeps up with the fast pace of the increasingly-digital real estate market. This is primarily due to new technologies which allow for more thoughtful user experience, simpler designs, quicker load times, and broader reach.

However, somewhere down the line, bloat caught up with innovation. Website builders are now a huge aspect of any marketing website toolset. While extremely robust and powerful, these tools continually grow in complexity, often requiring hours of set up time and maintenance. Despite their power and flexibility, website builders have introduced a seemingly impossible tangle of plugins and widgets in order to get things set up the way you want.

This is why we are building mylistings. We are creating a much simpler website creation and management experience.

Single property listing websites, simplified.

mylistings strips down single property listing websites to the beautiful minimum: your content, your listing.

No dancing around a complicated and time-consuming builder, no “is this the right template” for my listing, no wild frills and club music—just your real estate listings, each showcased on its own simple, modern, fast website.

Check out our website to learn more. There, you can sign up to gain early access.

Upon subscribing, you’ll get a thank you email with a link to an optional short survey. We’ll use your answers to further learn about how you do your best work, and continue to shape mylistings into one of the best online real estate tools for you and your clients.

Stay tuned for more!

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