Fidelity National Home Warranty has been in the home warranty business for a long time.

Part of a Fortune 500 group built around the real estate industry, FNHW needed a new look to complement their reliable, long-standing history.

We created a soft, friendly front end website and overhauled their web application which handles all aspects of a home warranty, from the initial order to submitting a service request to paying the technicians for their service.

Starting with a user interface and brand guideline, we began to create a library of components that would be used across the many edge cases the existing system was already supporting.

Cover photo courtesy Fidelity National Home Warranty

Consulting with the management team and professionals who use the ordering application on a daily basis, we established initial priorities. Our goal was to create a dashboard that gave staff and real estate professionals the tools they needed to check statuses and download personalized marketing tools.

Having everything in one application allowed for easier changes and updates in the future while simultaneously creating space for regular feature updates. Additionally, the new foundation allowed for much easier maintenance and lower operating costs.


React, WordPress


Web Design, UX Research & Design, UI Design, Information Architecture, Content Strategy

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