Living Room Realty (a certified B Corp.) has been a prized client of ours through the years.

They truly embody the perfect client: thoughtful, empathetic, caring, and truly connected to their craft and mission: helping people love where they live.

Stepping back in time a bit, we originally were contracted to develop and maintain their site in 2013. Along the way, we were brought in for custom functionality and extension of the WordPress based architecture.

Since then we’ve been a part of many web projects including: IDX and MLS home listing integration, highly customized blog functionality for dozens of prolific agents, and even a completely custom and unprecedented web donation portal for agents to give back to their favorite local organizations.

Suffice to say, we’ve learned a lot together over the years.

Living Room Realty approached us to tackle the next iteration of the website: from scratch. It was time to apply everything we’ve discovered to build an online realty experience that gave agents the tools they needed to help folks find a home.

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Living Room Realty was determined to create a set of powerful website tools that would turn their already amazing agents into super heroes.

Our working history allowed us to work in tandem with management as we identified goals and potential pitfalls. We wanted to provide valuable tools to agents in order to help them connect with their clients and focus on the neighborhoods they are experts in.

We were tasked with creating an experience for agents that allowed much more control over listing information while simultaneously improving upon the WordPress blogging experience that is essential to the Realtor marketing mix.

Through the lens of the agents, the experience had to also be carefully considered for the multitude of prospective homebuyers.

The requirements included a custom MLS listing search application, easily navigable menu structures, and thoughtfully curated blog articles to browse.

The secondary goal of the project was to establish a foundation layer that would give everyone the tools they need to build with in the future. Ourselves included.

We worked closely with their team to redesign the website from the ground up. Using WordPress as a tried and true CMS experience for the blog-focused users, we got to work building a foundation for expanding the Living Room Realty web presence and experience for their personnel and visitors.

In our designs, we made sure points of contact were no more than a couple clicks away. The best way to understand a neighborhood or region is to simply get connected with someone on the Living Room Realty team. The website aims to do just that by providing the tools to agents and visitors alike so that the wealth of information can be shared across the board.

We published and internal design system and style guide for web and digital applications in addition to refining existing brand guidelines previously established for print and tangible mediums.

At the core of the website is a custom React based search application which pulls updated listing information directly from Living Room Realty’s MLS provider: RMLS.

This application is closely integrated with a family of custom built WordPress plugins in addition to a custom theme built with flexibility and future extension in mind.

We are proud to work with such an awesome group of folks who continue to set the standard for the best realty experience possible. We’re inspired to be better in all that we do in pursuing betterment through the power of business.

With the Living Room Realty web foundation set, our teams work hand in hand to keep the wheels rolling. We are constantly improving and extending the Living Room Realty website with great feedback coming in from their prolific agents and happy clients.

Isolary has been an integral part of Living Room since the beginning. The agents are loving the new website.
Jenelle Isaacson, Founder of Living Room Realty


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