Rapinoe US is the official website for world class athletes and sisters Rachael and Megan Rapinoe.

Our teams crossed paths when they were looking for a way to integrate their blog and events site with their online store.

Both professional athletes at one point, Megan continues to play pro-level soccer in the National Women’s Soccer League and on the USA women’s national team. They host soccer training camps across the country.

Whether you are a gold medalist and World Cup winner, or playing a friendly pick-up game, the Rapinoes’ message rings true: be your best you.

Cover image courtesy Rachael Rapinoe

Be your best you.

This is the mantra that can be seen and heard so clearly across their social media and online platforms. Our goal was to structure the content in a way that supported these powerful words while also educating visitors on how they can show their support.

Their website and online shop are structured to support on an other despite being on different platforms. Our goal was to align the pages so that the overall experience was smooth and slick.

We wanted to make sure that folks were getting the information they needed and the awesome swag they wanted.

After 4+ years of successful operation, Rapinoe SC has concluded their camps and is closing the online store in 2020. With new projects Mendi and re—inc, the Rapinoe sisters are making big waves.

We are honored and grateful to work with such a great team and we wish them the best as they move forward with their future endeavors!

It was definitely a really positive experience working with Isolary. Not only are they wonderful and likeminded humans, their design, development and overall brand strategy is at a premium level. They were true thought partners in building out a robust website for our company. They continue to be a great support to lean on years later. Very glad we used them three years ago!
Rachael Rapinoe, Co-Founder of Rapinoe US


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